Wed, July 23rd, 2014

Success is the Best Revenge

By Amelia Dutra


Even though you have no chance,

I’m in denial about my romance.

Another thing you do possess,

Which will lead to your ultimate success,

Your singing voice enchants them all,

A maiden’s song, a siren’s call.

Reaches their ears in a sweet melody

And captivates them with its smooth symphony.

Your voice outdoes mine,

And will definitely shine

In the future, when you’re a star,

Your dreams will carry you far

Across the shining sky,

When you laugh and when you cry,

Even though you’re out of sight,

Your star will shine bright

Impressing so many nations,

Carrying on for generations

You will go down in history, I see.

Forty years from now, your voice will be

Still famous amongst the young and old,

So watch as your future will unfold.

Follow your dreams, aim for the top,

Then your happiness will never stop.


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