July 23rd, 2014

Pre-Advanced Placement German III 

University of Washington 103

Woodinville High School

Instructor: Michael Antley

E-Mail Address: mantley@nsd.org


The objective of this course is to expand on the foundation we have established over the past two years of German and to prepare you for Advanced Placement German IV next year. According to international DaF standards (DaF: Deutsch als Fremdsprache), you should be making the transition from the Grundstufe Deutsch to the Mittelstufe Deutsch by the end of the third year. This means you will: 1.) have a fundamental understanding of German grammar: 2.) be able to follow along in a class taught entirely in German; 3) and be able to participate in that class using your German language skills. These are the goals to be accomplished before the end of the year. I will be pushing you to reach these goals earlier. I will communicate with you almost entirely in German beginning the first day. I expect you to attempt speaking only German to me, as well.



In addition to our regular textbook and workbook (Kontakte), we will further our listening comprehension by listening to radio plays and further our spoken abilities by discussing them in class. You will have additional reading assignment both in and out of class. An increased emphasis will be placed on writing in German and you will have compositions to complete outside of class.


Wechselspiel: Arbeitsblätter für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittener

Wechselspiel, Jr.

Graded German Reader


CDs , Tonbahnen und Filme:

Keine Panik! Hörspiel

Ein Bischen Panik: Hörspiel

Fertigkeit Hören

Stereo: Das Grundstufenhörprogramm Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Das Leben der Anderen

Goodbye Lenin


German III Pre-AP

  • Tests and Quizzes & other Assessments  35
  • Homework and Class Work 35
    • Oral Participation
    • Reading and Discussion
    • Short Written Assignments
    • Cultural Participation
  • Essays and Projects 30
    • Longer written assignments
    • Out of class projects/in class presentations


Classroom Expectations: It boils down to respect. Respect yourself and your potential by preparing for and participating in class. Respect your instructor and the other students by helping him and them to create an environment that allows all to reach their potential.


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