Wed, April 23rd, 2014

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is the ability to identify what information is needed,understand how the information is organized, identify the best sources ofinformation for a given need, locate those sources, evaluate the sourcescritically, and share that information. It is the knowledge of commonly usedresearch techniques.

We use information literacy skills every day, whether we are makingdecisions at work, deciding where to go on vacation or what to eat fordinner.  Students use information literacy skills when they work on aproject or a report. 


The Northshore School District uses the Big 6 method of teaching Information Literacy Skills. 


International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Digital Age Learning

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Planning a project? These documents are here to help you!  One is a draft of the Northshore School District K-12 Information Literacy Matrix. These skills should be considered  when planning collaborative instruction with your teacher librarian. The other is a form you may want to use when planning to meet with your teacher librarian to assist in the collaborative planning process.