July 22nd, 2014

1)  Who can help me at Skyview?
2)  Counseling and Guidance Services?
3)  What is the Skyview Attendance Policy?
4)  Taking Medicines at School?
5)  Parent/Student Visitation?
6)  What activities are available at Skyview?
7)  How do I get a bus pass?
8)  What is available for Purchase at Skyview?
1)  Q Who can help me at Skyview?


Ms. Skillingstad 425-408-6818

Ms. Madsen  425-408-6819  

• Call in for absences
• Early dismissal
• Homework requests because of illness
• Check in on number of absences, tardies
• Address/phone number changes
• Withdrawal from school
• Lost and Found

Mrs. Wallis 425-408-6820
Mr. Dellino 425-408-6821    
Mrs. Kjirsten Lee                           • Referrals to counseling and other agencies
• Academic concerns
• Personal problems
• Conflicts between students
• Test interpretation
• Parent/student/teacher/counselor conference
• New students

Ms. Nussbaum 425-408-6813

Mrs. Ross 425-408-6840

CUSTODIAL HELP 425-408-6807
Rick Cox, Head Custodian

Mrs. Ratanpintha

LIBRARY 425-408-6811                                           Mr. Hansen Librarian
Mrs. Madsen, Secretary

Julie Garrett 425-408-6800 • Office Manager
Diana Alo 425-408-6803 • A.S.B./Athletics

Ms. Albrecht 425-408-6806
• Medications at school
• Immunization records
• Vision, scoliosis screening/ referrals
• Communication about medical conditions

PTSA Officials
• Support and resource group
• Publish newsletters
• Coordinate volunteers

Ms. Mark 425-408-6805

Mr. Robertson  425-408-6825

Mr. Chirieleison 425-408-6824


A list of teachers and their classroom phone numbers may be found in the staff section.

General Information 425-408-7901

In case of inclement weather, school closure information is available at 5:00 a.m. or as soon as a decision has been made.

2)  Q Counseling and Guidance Services?

SKYVIEW COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE SERVICES To speak to your grade level counselor, just sign up in the Counseling Office. Counseling and guidance activities at Skyview are primarily offered by Ms. Shirley Wallis and Mr. Frank Dellino. They have been secondary educators and have extensive backgrounds in Counseling and Guidance. SKYVIEW COUNSELORS: • Have a proactive philosophy and a commitment to assist all students. • Have knowledge of and access to many resources including community mental health, tutorial services, substance abuse treatment programs and facilities, child protective services and family support groups. • Work closely with Skyview teachers and administration. • Are willing to talk with parents and/or arrange meetings with parents and staff around school-related concerns. • Look forward to working with students and their family. In addition to two counselors, personal and professional assistance is available from the school nurse, Ms. Liz Albrecht; the school psychologist, Ms. Rene Nussbaum; and a counselor from Northshore Youth and Family Services who may spend several hours weekly working with Skyview students.

3)  Q What is the Skyview Attendance Policy?

ATTENDANCE POLICIES Attendance Office: 425-408-6810 ABSENCE: Notification for absences must be communicated to the attendance office, either by a phone call on the day of the absence or a note the next day from the parent or guardian. Because this expectation is necessary and important, the student will receive an infraction if notification is not provided. PLANNED ABSENCE: A parent/guardian must send a note to the Attendance Office specifying the upcoming dates of absence. Students will receive an ATTENDANCE CONTRACT to take around to teachers for approval signatures. LATE ARRIVAL: If a student arrives without their parent or a note, the student will receive an infraction. EARLY DISMISSAL: In order to be dismissed early, students must either bring a note from their parent /guardian to the Attendance Office BEFORE SCHOOL, or a parent/guardian needs to phone ahead, then come directly to the Attendance Office to sign their student out for the day.  BUS PASSES: If you intend to ride a bus other than your regular one, you will need to get a bus pass. Bus passes are issued in the main office before school or at lunchtime. To receive a bus pass, you must present WRITTEN permission from a parent or guardian. If you forget your note, we do accept a faxed note at 425-408-6802.

4)  Q Taking Medicines at School?

Whenever possible, parents/guardians and physician are strongly encouraged to design a schedule for medications to be administered outside of school hours. If it is necessary to take medication during school hours, the parent/guardian must provide the school nurse with a written order from the physician, written consent signed by a parent/guardian, and the medication in the original container. Under no circumstance will an unidentified medication be administered by the school nurse, because there is no way of knowing what it is, where it was obtained, or what reactions might be anticipated.

Note to Parent/Guardian:
The parent/guardian can delegate the responsibility for self-administration of medication to their child, but in so doing, releases the school district from any obligation to supervise or monitor the student. The student is to carry only a one-day supply of the medication in the original container accompanied by written permission to self-medicate, signed by the parent/guardian. Forms are available at the school to be filled out by the physician.

All medications should be kept in the original container and under no circumstances should an unidentified substance be in any student's possession.
5)  Q Parent/Student Visitation?

Skyview encourages and welcomes parent and community visitations. In accordance with the state and board policy and to assure the safety of our students, our guidelines include:

1. 24-hour notification to the principal before attending classes.

2. Check in at main office for I.D. badge and class schedule.

3. Information regarding an individual student’s progress must be scheduled before or after school.

4. No one shall solicit funds or conduct private business with staff during a school visit.

5. Due to limited space, the number of visitors will be at the discretion of the principal.
6)  Q What activities are available at Skyview?


A correct list of current activities for the 2013/2014 school year will be provided as soon as it is available.

7)  Q How do I get a bus pass?

Our school population is growing and that means that our buses are very full this year. Please know that many of our buses are at capacity and we are not able to issue bus passes for all buses.

If your student is hoping to ride home with a friend, please have them check with us in advance for bus availability.

We will need a written request from a parent or guardian for any bus passes.
8)  Q What is available for Purchase at Skyview?


1. I.D. CARD - No Cost.
This card with a student picture is issued at the beginning of the year and is used for identification, equipment checkout, etc. Students should carry this on their person at all times.  

2. ASB Sticker - $25.00
This sticker is placed on the I.D. card. It entitles the student o reduced fees for yearbook, dances, and other district-wide activities. Athletes and club members must purchase this sticker to participate in after school activities.

3. Yearbook -
- Fall pre-sale : with ASB sticker $30.00 without ASB sticker $35.00
- Spring sales : with ASB sticker $35.00 without ASB sticker $38.00

4. P.E. UNIFORM - Shorts $12.00 and Shirt $8.00
   The Skyview P.E. uniform consists of a pair of shorts and a shirt. It is available for sale throughout the year in the main office.  A P.E. uniform provides student with inexpensive and functional athletic wear, promotes good hygiene, and cuts down on theft because all sets are identical. The only other items needed for P.E. are a pair of rubber soled athletic shoes and socks. **Any student who needs financial help with any school purchase need only see their counselor.

5. Planner - No charge for 7th graders; $3.00 for 8th and 9th graders or a 7th grade replacement planner.

6. Skyview sweatpants and sweatshirts will be available in the fall. Stay tuned for more information.