April 23rd, 2014

GAPP 2012-2013

Since 1989 our exchange school has been the Ohlstedt Gymnasium in Hamburg, Germany. To explore the school, visit their website and click the button on the right "Bildgalerie":  http://www.gymnasium-ohlstedt.de/
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Ohlstedt High School is a type of school called a gymnasium. The Gymnasium is the highest of three types of secondary schools in the German system. Continuing to grade thirteen, the program leads to a degree called the Abitur and prepares students for university study or for a dual academic and vocational credential. The most common education tracks offered by the standard Gymnasium are classical language, modern language, and mathematics-natural science.


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A letter from Michael Antley:

The German-American Partnership Program (GAPP) is an exchange program promoting cross-cultural understanding between the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany. Every year some 10,000 students cross the Atlantic under the auspices of GAPP and spend three to four weeks in Germany and in the US learning about life in the other country: its culture, its schools, its art, its government, and its people. In the process, many students make life-long friends and have experiences that change the way they see the world.


GAPP has a history of over three decades and this year marks the 25st anniversary of our program at Woodinville High School. This Fall, 26 German students from the Ohlstedt Gymnasium (high school) will arrive for a three-week stay in Woodinville and Bothell. We will travel to Hamburg in August of 2015 to live with the families of our partners, attend their school, and share the experience of life in Germany. Please go to the following website to learn more about GAPP: www.goethe.de/gapp


GAPP is a unique and remarkable experience for all of the students involved, both American and German. It is difficult to overstate the positive effect the GAPP exchange has on students. Suffice it to say that we would not give up countless hours of planning and a month of our summer every other year (without financial compensation, I might add) if we did not believe so strongly in the program. We hope you will consider taking part.
Hosting a student from Germany for three weeks is a great responsibility. He or she is not a pet that follows you home from the airport; he or she is an excited but jet-lagged human being who is intimidated by the prospect of having to speak a foreign language for the next three weeks in order to communicate with the host family (you!). Your job is to make him/her feel at home and help him/her enjoy and learn from three weeks in America.
The Golden Rule might be helpful to consider: keep in mind that the student you host in September will be hosting you in August!
GAAP Schedule:  Our exchange takes place every calendar year.  Incoming Freshmen and students who will be sophomores in 2013-2014 will be eligible to participate in the next exchange:  2014/15.   Students must be enrolled in German all the way up until the trip, and not have any office referrals or such recorded in the office. In other words-good grades, an enthusiasm for German; and mature, responsible behavior make you eligible!
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