Mon, July 28th, 2014
Below is a list of every employee at Maywood Hills Elementary. If you would like to email a staff member, simply click on their name. If you would like to reach them by phone, call the main office at 425-408-5000 and you will be forwarded to the staff member's voice mail.

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Dave Wellington  -Principal
Mary Goure  - Office Manager
Jan Durrell  - Office Secretary
Peggy Sturm -VanderPol, Nurse

Candace Jessup - 1/2-Day Kindergarten
Mary Tatarsky
- 1/2-Day Kindergarten
Heather Thomson - All-Day Kindergarten

Sarah Adkinson - 1st Grade
Janet Hudson - 1st Grade
Riley Norman- 1st Grade & Michelle Speed - Para-Educator
Meredith Spinner - 1st Grade

Patty Mossing - 2nd Grade & Julie Hall - Para Educator
Linda Norwalk - 2nd Grade
Chris Roper - 2nd Grade
Barbara Scheel
- 2nd Grade

Maxine Miceli - 3rd Grade
Mary Navalinski
- 3rd Grade & Pat Waldrop - Para-Educator
Tina Rice - 3rd Grade
Ginger Roberts - 3rd Grade

Emily Burnett - 4th Grade
Becky Harper- 4th Grade
Emily Sullivan - 4th Grade & Candace Nybo - Para-Educator
Lisa Vorwerk - 4th Grade

Esther Chae - 5th Grade & Jayne Ritter - Para-Educator
Heather Erickson - 5th Grade
Marjie White
- 5th Grade

Jen Cassarino - 6th Grade & Marilynn Eppley - Para-Educator
Scott Herman - 6th Grade
John Fogarty
- 6th Grade

Renee Huizenga -

Linda Hajjar - P.E.
Twila Bartlow - Music/P.E./Science
Jan Winters - Music
Laura White - Science & Strings

Mayela Martinez - ELL Parent Resource
Tina Gibson

Diane Papworth - SpEd Learning Center
Joanne McDaniel - Learning Center Para-Educator

Jana Hammerquist
Jan Quint - SLP
Jacque Ter-Veen
- Psychologist

Katie Peffer - Title I

Larry DeBardi - School Assistant/Playground Supervisor
Cathy Langohr - School Assistant/Playground Supervisor
Kathy Lyman - School Assistant/Playground Supervisor
Margaret Tallar - School Assistant/Playground Supervisor

Larry Pierce - Technology Support

Joyce Rumble - Head Cook
Greg Shumway - Head Custodian
Hai Nguyen - Night Custodian

Maywood Staff Revised - 9/5/12