Tue, July 29th, 2014

By Lee! Dietrich

Stand alone, outside and cold.
You walk towards me, we lock eyes but you pass me by.
I sigh, unable to call after you, longing.
Same body language, same broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes.
Get close enough and there’s green peeking out, just like the sea.
My scars ache from cold?  Or grief?
I cannot tell.
Suddenly you’re here, yet so far away.
I’m sorry you found out but please understand,
Once I open up to you, my heart will forever remember…you.
I held back from saying it, just kept it inside,
Even though I am breaking
Not totally,
But one day,
In time.
Instead I whisper up at him sweetly
Good morning.
He looks at me like a thrice times read story.
Awkward my manner, capricious is he,
I think he’s aware of the storm inside me.
I pretend not to care, but he knows that I do,
Just like I know he cares about me too.
Before my day begins,
He embraces my body, my heart and everything.
Memories flood and flash behind my eyes.
Then his touch is gone and I want to cry.
But I don’t. I walk quietly away.
Until next time.
Forever yours.