April 23rd, 2014

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Kiln tips for success

  • Form clay project
  • Students put initials into bottom of project(s)
  • Let sit 1 to 2 weeks before first fire (projects are VERY fragile at this point). Extra thick projects/clay pots may need 2 weeks.
  • Put in boxes and store in a safe spot (kiln room is ideal)
  • 1st FIRE: nothing touching, using the shelves as needed (taller projects on the top-use taller pegs if placing tall projects down lower)
  • "Cone" must be used (very small piece-it disintegrates and this is what will shut off the kiln when done). They are in the top drawer of the 3-drawer shelves. Lay cone sideways (see diagram on directions to ensure proper placement) and remember to put the cone in before if you have to add another shelf.
  • Be sure to note that on the outside of the kiln, the top "hole" is open and the bottom two have the "peaks) in them.
  • Follow directions in kiln room to proceed.
  •  Next day (24 hours later), come to remove items out of kiln. Projects can be glazed whenever you are ready.
  • Glazing: Use bigger tubs of glazes if possible (they are more inexpensive) and don't need a top clear glaze (it's an "all in one" paint/glaze). bo NOT mix these tubs of glaze with water! Smaller bottles of glaze are more expensive-probably more appropriate for the older grades to avoid wasting. These smaller glazes need another clear glaze when done, so using them also takes a lot more time.
  • 2nd Fire: If there is a lot of paint/glaze on the bottom of the project, use the little stands with metal prongs to place it on (or it will stick to the kiln and possibly ruin the project).
  • You can actually glaze the projects and then fire it the same day with no need to allow to dry first.
  • Follow same instructions as above in regard to shelves, cone, etc. and the firing
  • Next day (24 hours later), come to remove items out of kiln.