July 30th, 2014

1. Movie #1 - How do YB students/staff get images to the cloud?

2. Movie #2 - How do YB Editors get images from the cloud to StudioWorks?

NSD Cloud - How do you upload photos to the server (NSD Cloud not your server.)

These are the "short" directions.

1. Go to the "Finder" and press "Apple K"

2. Under Server Address enter in:  smb://newfile/SJHYearbook$

3. Enter in your ID number and password.

You can also log on from home (but it is slower.)

1. Open up your web browser to "cloud.nsd.org."

2. Follow the directions and log in.

3. Understand this is slow and not as good as the "server" way we will use at school.

Below are the directions on a document.