Wed, April 23rd, 2014
Medications at School
The quidelines below reflect the Northshore School District Policy of Medications at School. It is based on current Washington State law. If you have quiestions please contact me.

School District Staff Administration

The following requirements must be met for medications to be administered during school hours with the assistance of school district staff. This applies to short term medications, ongoing daily medications, inhalers, as needed medications such as Tylenol, and emergency medications such as bee sting kits for allergic reactions.

* A completed Medication Authorization Form (available to download here or in the school office) that includes:

* Specific instructions by the student's physician/dentist that includes name of medication, dose, route, time of administration, side effects and duration of time the medication is to be given.
* Written authorization from parent/guardian.

* Medication (no more than one month supply at a time) must be supplied in a labeled prescription bottle, or if over-the-counter in the original container. Ask the pharmacy for an extra bottle for school use.

* If the dose or frequency of administration is adjusted, the parent is responsible for notifying the school and providing medical verification from the physician/dentist.

Student Self Administration
On occasion parents may wish to exercise their right to delegate to their child the responsibility for taking his/her own medication. This applies only to short term (15 consecutive school days or less) medication such as an antibiotic, cold medication, or pain relievers. Should you choose this option, the school district and staff are not to be held responsible for supervision of the medication. It is strongly recommended that this is NOT APPROPRIATE for primary grade students (K-3). If possible, we ask that you adjust the times of you child's medication so it can be taken other than during school hours. Medications, which do not require supervision by school staff, have the following guidelines:

* Any medication brought to school must be clearly identified in a prescription bottle or over-the-counter original bottle. (No loose pills in baggies).

* The student may bring a ONE-DAY supply only.

* There must be an accompanying signed note from the parent/guardian, which includes the name of the medication, dosage, and time the student is to self-administer it.

* It is preferred that the student come to the Health Room to take the medication. It is the student's responsibility to take their medication at the appropriate time.

* Medications to be self-administered for more than 15 consecutive days require a current medical order signed by the physician and parent (see above).

We ask that you follow the district policy to protect your child and other children in our school. Thank you for keeping our students safe and healthy. Please contact me if you have any questions: Nurse Peggy 425-489-6925