July 28th, 2014

School Supply List
Required (at school) All Core Subjects (English, History, Math, Science)

A planner (SJH planner or similar)
3-ring binder(s) (may be shared with other subjects)
Notebook paper (college ruled)
Blue and or Black pens
#2 Pencils w / erasers
USB Flash Drive

Core Class Specific Requirements

Red Pen (Science)
Graph paper (Math and Science)
A Highlighter (prefer yellow) (Science and English)
Colored Pencils (12 or more)
One package of 3x5 plain index cards (English)
Composition book for 8th/9th Science
1" 3-ring binder for 7th Math
Composition book for Math (started in 8th grade, also for 7th honors)
Composition book for English
Spiral Binder for 7th Social Studies
Ultra fine-tip sharpie for 7th Social Studies

Required (at home)

Glue Stick
Protractor (Honors 9th Math only)
TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus Calculator*

*This is ONLY required for 8th grade math honors and all 9th graders. The Northshore School District requires this calculator for students to use at home.  Please contact your student's teacher if you have  specific questions or are concerned about this financial request as  SJH has a limited number of calculators available for checkout.  Be advised that is calculator will NOT be required for the first few months of the school year, so please purchase it when financially convenient.