Freshman Project – Suggested Research Sources

Online databases
NJH Library
Passwords for home use are in the NJH planner, p. 16.

  • Proquest
  • (Magazine and Newspaper articles; use the "Advanced Search" to focus your research.)
  • SIRS Researcher & SIRS Discoverer (Topics screened for school research;
    use the "Advanced Search" to focus your research)
  • World Geography (Select your country, click on specific topics from green menu bar;
    includes current country news stories.)
  • Culturegrams (Concise country information, including culture, recipes, people, photos, etc.)

UN's "Cyberschoolbus" website:
Go to "Briefing Papers", select the paper about your topic,
then check the list of "Resources" on the last page.
Explore their suggested resources!
(Can you find information/facts/data for notes about your country in any of these sources?)

Library books
"Country" books (Many available! Check the index for your issue.)
"Issue" books (Check the index for your country.)
Reference books

King County Library System (
Go to Online Databases, go to Magazines and Journals, go to Infotrac.
(Similar to Proquest, different results. You will need a valid KCLS card to access.)


Washington State Model UN (
Click on "Resources", then "Topic Synopses" and/or "Research on the Web."

Here you will find other valuable links to:

CIA World Factbook (
A good place to start! Go to your country. Study the data.
Click on "Transnational Issues",
then click on the little book and page icons for explanatory notes.

US State Department "Background Notes"(
Country information

Library of Congress Country Studies (
In depth information on many countries

UN Foundation (
Current issues at the UN

Global Policy Forum (
Great resource for information on vital global topics and decisions

World Press Review (
Find press articles and world news from world newspapers

List of Missions to the UN (
Find your country's Mission, locate delegate speeches and information

Crisis Watch at CIDOD (
(based in Barcelona, Spain, in English)

World Bank Country Profiles (
Economic and poverty issues listed for each country

Political Resources on the Net (
Good site for what is going on politically with your country or in a specific region

Yale University UN Workstation (
Lists several useful sites for researching your country from the Yale library

Portals to the world (
Good site for researching a specific issue as it relates to your country.

For Current Country News, try:
UN's "Cyberschoolbus" website (
Click on "Country at a Glance", select your country, click on "Today's News".

"World Geography" database (NJH library webpage link. Select "country", then "News")
Search engines: Try keywords: country + issue + news

Other helpful websites: (The Economist - try "Country Briefings") (New York Times) (Washington Post) (Global perspective on world news) (British Broadcasting Corp. -World news updated every minute!) (Médecins Sans Frontières is an international humanitarian aid organization) (The Nature Conservancy) (The Sierra Club) (News and issues in Asia) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (United Nations Children's fund) (United Nations) (Save the Children) (Committee on the Rights of the Child) (International Labour Organization) (Human Rights Watch) (United Nations Development Program) (United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization) (World Health Organization) (Amnesty International) (Children's Defense Fund) (Child Rights Information Network) (Free the Children)

  • Use your guiding questions to focus your research!
  • Take pertinent notes.
  • Analyze your sources and information.
  • Infer and hypothesize about your country's situation.
  • Think globally!