April 23rd, 2014

PSSA Reading and Writing Scores Raised for All Student Groups

PHILADELPHIA — Having access to a full-time, certified school librarian means better outcomes for Pennsylvania’s public school students, according to new research from the Colorado-based RSL Research Group.

"This research shows us how crucial a well-resourced school library and a full-time, certified school librarian are to achievement for the most vulnerable students," said Sandra Zelno, Education Law Center School Reform Associate.
The researchers examined
The researchers examined the 2010-11 Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests in Reading and Writing for students in grades three through 11, and tracked outcomes for students based on five school library factors: staffing, collections, digital resources and technology infrastructure, library access, and funding.

Overall, the greatest impact on student test scores was seen from having a full-time, certified librarian.

• Students who have access to a full-time, certified librarian scored higher on the PSSA Reading Test than those students who do not have such access. This finding is true for all students, regardless of their socio-economic, racial/ethnic, and/or disability status.

• For several student groups that tend to experience achievement gaps—economically disadvantaged, Hispanic, Black, and those with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs)—Reading and Writing results are markedly better when those students attend a school with a librarian and library support staff, according to the research. In fact, they benefit more proportionally than the general student population.

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About the WHS Library

The Woodinville High School Libary is open 25 minutes before and after school, at options, and during lunches unless otherwise posted. 

Library Program Team:  Dione Garcia, Teacher-Librarian, Department Head; Andy Hegeman, Teacher-Librarian; TBA, Library Secretary

WHS Library Mission Statement

To ensure students and staff are effective users and producers of ideas and information.

The WHS Library is a true teaching library dedicated to promoting life-long learning for all students and staff. To assist in its mission, the Woodinville High School Library Program includes:

    National Board and Washington State Certified Teacher-Librarians who:

    • Teach students and staff to find, use, evaluate, and produce information to acheive their academic and personal goals
    • Instruct students and staff in the use of technology to teach and practice life-long learning skills and information literacy
    • Collaborate with each other and other teachers to create assignments that integrate information literacy skills into subject-area curriculum
    • Research subject-area projects for viability
    • Design and teach lessons and projects for new curricula and graduation requirements
    • Select resources vital to students' and teachers' needs
    • Manage program resources effectively (such as staff, volunteers, equipment, collection development, and inventory)
    • Serve on Library Advisory Team and other Learning Communities
    • Teach information literacy skills to classes and individuals to ensure students become strong researchers

    Highly Skilled Library Secretary, who

    • Supervises students
    • Maintains collections and inventories
    • Trains volunteers and student assistants
    • Processes resources
    • Advises students
    • Manages records
    • Serves on Library Advisory Team

    24/7 Remote Access via WHS Library Webpage

    • Online Catalog
    • Databases
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library  
    • An Online Reference Collection with twenty-four sets of multi-volume, digital reference books, all of which can also accessed from school and home
    • Classroom Connections: web-based resources aligned to curricula
    • Over 21,000 cataloged volumes 

    Passwords for remote access collections available at the WHS Library and in the Student Handbook

    State-of-the-Art Facility

    • Three activeboards for multi-media instruction, active teaching, and multi-media presentations
    • Main floor with 34 computer stations available for individual or classroom use before school, at options, lunch, and during the school day
    • Library Computer Lab with 34 computer stations and activeboard for use by classes