July 25th, 2014

2013-14 Kindergarten enrollment schedule!

*Evening appointments available upon request.*

 Enrollment packets for Full Day and 1/2 Day are available in the school office, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM.

Children must be 5 years old on or before August 31, 2013.

Please bring the following information with you to register:

Birth Certificate

Proof of Residence (rental agreement, utility bill, mortgage bill, etc. with parent/guardian name)

Doctor's name and phone number

Emergency contact numbers (cell phone, family members, neighbor, etc.)

Daycare information


Students are required to have the following immunizations prior to entering school in September:

at least 4 DPT/DT, the last after age 4

at least 3 Polio, the last after age 4

2 MMR immunizations (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)

Hepatitis B Series (3 immunizations)

2 Varicella (Chicken Pox) immunizations, or physician verified case of chicken pox