July 30th, 2014

Skyview Junior High Expectations and Polices:

Campus and Classroom Expectations

Discipline Matrix

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Skyview Discipline Matrix 2013-2014


Incidents are situational and depending on severity, the discipline may vary.  This matrix provides a framework for consequences for the progressive discipline system at Skyview.  As per the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, exceptional misconduct may require deviation from the discipline noted below. Parent will be contacted when appropriate.



First Offense

Second Offense

Third Offense

Academic dishonesty

Zero on assignment and detention

Zero on assignment and Saturday school

Zero on assignment and short-term suspension

Arson: Starting or lighting any fire.

Short or long-term suspension; emergency expulsion; referral to Fire Dept. and Police (restitution)

Assault - A physical attack on another person causing or threatening physical injury.

Short or long-term suspension; emergency expulsion; referral to Police

Audio/Video - Students may not take pictures or record either audio or video on campus unless preapproved by staff.

Confiscation of item;


Confiscation of item;

Saturday school

Confiscation of item;

short-term suspension

Closed campus violation - Leaving campus without school permission during the school day. 

Detention; Saturday school;

Saturday school


Disregard for the safety of others - Acting in such a way that could cause harm to others.  For example, roughhousing, throwing things, unsafe use of materials, horseplay, etc.

Detention; Saturday school; suspension



Disrespect for or damage to personal, school or neighboring property – includes trespassing or damaging properties next to or on the way to the school grounds.

Restitution; suspension; referral to police

Short/long term suspension

Disrespectful behavior - Any behavior considered disrespectful or uncivil.

Detention; Saturday school; short-term suspension

Detention; Saturday school; short-term suspension

Short-term suspension

Disruptive behavior - Any interruption of the teaching and learning process or of the daily operation of the school.

Detention; Saturday school

Saturday school; short-term suspension

Short/long-term suspension

Dress code violation – Students will be sent to the office

Student asked to change or modify dress


Saturday School

Drugs- Sale, use or

possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia

See Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Electronic or telecommunication devices – Students may bring devices to school, but do so at their own risk.  Individual teachers may allow or restrict use in their classrooms.

Infraction, confiscation until parent picks up device

Detention, confiscation until parent can meet with admin

Loss of privilege of bringing device to school for remainder of year, Saturday school

False alarms - Any verbal or mechanical alarm declaring an emergency when there is none.

Short-term suspension; long-term suspension; expulsion; referral to Fire Dept.; Police

Fighting - Two or more persons mutually involved in a physical altercation.  Any form of violence, whether verbal, physical or electronic, will result in discipline.

3 day short-term suspension

5 day short-term suspension

10 + days long-term suspension

Forgery - Signing a name other than yours to any document that is considered an official school document or any alteration to official school records.

Saturday school

Short-term suspension

Gang behavior - Any actions or behaviors that could be considered a group effort to intimidate, bully, or accomplish some disruptive or illegal goal.  Clothing, symbols, and colors are some examples.

Short-term suspension; long-term suspension; expulsion; referral to Police


Bullying - Any verbal, electronic, written or physical acts that interrupt the educational environment. All forms of harassment - sexual, racial, gender, etc. are prohibited.

Student signs contract; detention; Saturday School; Suspension

Short or long-term suspension

Long-term suspension

Hazardous Materials – Any possession of a substance deemed hazardous is strictly prohibited.  It is also strictly prohibited to bring materials that resemble hazardous materials in order to harass or intimidate others.

Short or long-term suspension

Long-term suspension

Inappropriate displays of affection - Kissing and/or prolonged hugging are not appropriate at school and are not permitted.

Warning; Lunch Duty; conference with Parents

Detention and Conference with Parents

Saturday School and Conference with Parents

Lunch room rule violation

Lunch duty; removal from lunch room


Saturday school

Matches, lighters - Any object with a purpose or function involving fire.  School is not the place for these types of articles.

Detention; Saturday school; suspension; referral to Fire Dept., Police

Short term suspension

Long-term suspension

Pantsing – To pull down a student’s pants.

2 hour Saturday school

4 hour Saturday school

Short-term suspension

Retaliation - Any act that is intended to get back at someone.

Short-term suspension; long-term suspension; expulsion

School bus rules violation

See bus/transportation rules section

Sexual misconduct

Short-term suspension; long-term suspension; referral to Police

Long-term suspension; referral to Police

Smoking, using or possessing tobacco products - Tobacco in any form is prohibited on school grounds.  Use or possession of tobacco products carries school and legal consequences.

Tobacco school; Saturday school

Tobacco school; Short-term suspension

Tobacco school; short term suspension

Snow/Ice Ball Throwing


Saturday school


Tardiness to class

 As per teacher’s rules, lunch duty


Saturday school

Technology violation

Detention; Saturday school; and loss of privileges for 10 days

Loss of privileges for rest of semester, Saturday school

Loss of privileges for rest of the year, Saturday school

Theft and/or possession of stolen property - There is no such thing as “borrowing” unless you have the owner’s permission.  Also, unattended property that is “found” does not automatically become the property of the finder.  Found items should be turned in the Main Office.  Taking or having in your possession, someone else’s property without their permission is stealing.

Saturday school; suspension; restitution; referral to Police

Short-term suspension; restitution; referral to Police

Long-term suspension; restitution; referral to Police

Threats - Any statement, serious or not, that implies physical/mental or emotional harm to another.

Short or long-term suspension, referral to police




Toys/nuisance items

Confiscation for the remainder of the day


Saturday school

Truancy - Skipping school without parental or school permission. Missed assignments cannot be made up.

Saturday school

Saturday school; Becca Bill; report to truancy officer

Short-term suspension

Vandalism or defacing the property of others - Includes destruction, graffiti, or defacing in any way.

Saturday school; restitution; suspension; referral to Police

Short or long-term suspension

Long-term suspension

Willful disobedience - Disobeying a reasonable request of a school official, teacher, or other staff member.

Detention, short-term suspension, parent conference

Short or Long-term suspension

Long-term suspension


State law RCW 28A.600.020 gives schools the authority to insure that the optimum learning atmosphere of the classroom is maintained.  Furthermore, the law states that consideration is given to the qualified judgment of educators when deciding how to best maintain this environment. 



Weapons Policy


The carrying of any firearm or dangerous weapon onto school property, school-provided transportation, school facilities or non-district property being used by the school or district is prohibited by state law and district rule of “No Tolerance” (RCW 9.41.250; RCW 9.41.280 and RCW 28A.600.420) See Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.


The Weapons Policy applies when an object is possessed, used, transported, provided to someone else on school property, on district-provided transportation, in areas or facilities being used by the school and/or district or at school sponsored events or activities. Enforcement of the weapons policy is guided by a position of “zero tolerance”. However, the administrator may use discretion in assigning a weapons offense as a Category 1, Category 2 or a Category 3 violation.