July 28th, 2014

Google Doodle Project


Here is the outline picture. Also below is the Photoshop file with all the layers of the Google logo broken down. But first... what do we design?

Steps: 1. Understand assignment. 2. Understand contest. 3. Find a group. 4. Decide your steps. 5. Brainstorm many ideas. 6. Draw some sketches. 7. "Pitch" them to others. 8. Turn in your final to Mr. Seeley. 9. Administration and TRT's choose final 6 to be turned in. 10. Decide how to split up $10,000 college prize.

How do you turn in your Google Doodle for EC points? For extra credit points turn in the 2 following items either as a paper or to the drop box. (If it is to the drop box you must tell Mr. Seeley to look for it.) 1. A word file answering 5 questions. 1a. A piece of paper handed to Mr. Seeley. 1b. A Word doc in the drop box and tell Mr. Seeley. 2. Turn in the picture of your “Google Doodle” drawing. Either of the two ways below are fine. 2a. A piece of paper handed to Mr. Seeley. 2b. A jpeg file (or Photoshop) in the drop box and tell Mr. Seeley. (See below for an example.)


1. Here is an example of the 5 questions you need to answer.


2. Here is a "scanned" image of a sample Google Doodle.