Substitute Office - Certificated Employment

For certificated substitute applicants, the instructions for application are the same as regular employment with the exception of the number of confidential reference forms required. For certificated substitute positions, two confidential forms should be downloaded and sent to your supervisory referrers. You must be certificated in the state of Washington in order to substitute for a certificated staff member.

Please continue to the Employment link to view general instructions for applying to substitute teach.

Qualifications for Certificated Substitutes
We require our certificated substitutes to be regularly certificated in the state of Washington. We do not accept substitute teachers with only an Emergency Substitute Certification. We do accept teachers who hold Standard, Residency, Continuing and Substitute Certification.

Certificated Assignments
Certificated assignments cover all areas of endorsement. A substitute teacher may accept assignments outside of their area of endorsement for periods of less than 20 consecutive days. Any of the certificated assignments may change without notice to meet the needs of the school or the district. The Northshore School District has four main categories of certificated instruction:

These positions include all areas of instruction in grades K-6 including specialized disciplines such as Music, PE, and Library. More specific information will be provided with each assignment.

Junior High/High School
These positions include all areas of instruction in grades 7-12. Endorsement in specific areas is desired at the Jr. High/ High school level, but it is not required. Previous experience is often desired for one or two day assignments.

Secondary Specialized
These positions require specific knowledge of specialized disciplines including, but not limited to, Fire Safety, Business Education, and Marketing. Endorsement is desired, but not required. Previous experience or a suitable level of comfort may often be desired for short-term positions.

Special Needs
These positions cover all ages and grade levels. Assignments may include work with Special Education students, disabled students or students with other impairments such as hearing or vision loss. A strong desire to work with special needs students is required in all assignments in this category. Previous experience is desired but not mandatory.