April 16th, 2014

Classroom Celebrations:

Your Child's Birthday's At School:

Birthday celebrations are tied to the language arts curriculum. On a child's birthday the child donates a book to the class birthday library. The book is gift-wrapped and can be new or gently used. On the inside cover include your child's first and last name, their birthday and the year. At school he/she un-wraps the book and it is read to the class. At the conclusion of the reading, the book is added to the birthday bookshelf and the class sings happy birthday. This concludes the birthday celebration and the focus turns back to that day's curriculum. The book can be brought to school in the child's backpack. The book can be an inexpensive paperback or a more expensive hard cover. It can be a slightly used book that was a favorite of your child who has out grown it.  If you are looking for book ideas you can check out our classroom Wish List.

Please don't send in food, drinks, or prizes for birthdays. The distribution of party invitations is explained in the NSD/Wellington Parent Handbooks. In short, it states that if party invitations are to be passed out at school there needs to be one for EACH student in the class. This is a school wide policy.  

Every family has the choice to participate or not participate in birthday celebrations at school, but please be respectful of the guidelines above if you do plan on celebrating a birthday at school.  Thank you!