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Justin Pearson
When queen Victoria's empire is threatened by murders abroad and at home.
The only man who can stop it is the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

With his deerstalker cap and Inverness cape he is well known indeed.

He will use his high sense of deduction to stop the murderous fury and the criminal greed.

With the help of his colleague Dr. Watson, they stop the criminal's felony.

But he still has time to visit his brother Mycroft at the Diogenes.

Among the cases he has solved are names such as the Adventure of the Greek Interpreter, the Mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles, and the Adventure of the Noble Bachelor.

He is so precise he doesn't need an accountant or solicitor.

With Holmes outwitting Scotland Yard he makes inspector Lestrade even sadder

And he was only outsmarted once by his love Irene Adler.

His lodgings are located in London at the address of 221B Baker Street. 

Accompanied by his landlord Mrs. Hudson, who tries to keep it really tidy and neat?

He has fought for the side of justice against a great many criminal foes.

But his medical history is a mystery to everyone he knows.

He can solve more mysteries and rivalries than those of Ancient Rome. 

Because he is the great detective Mr. Sherlock Holmes.