Sun, Apr 20th, 2014


Full Time Consulting Model

Grades 1-12

In our Contract Learning program, consulting teachers are skilled in customizing curriculum to match student learning styles and personal needs. During the initial meetings the teacher, parent and student prepare a Washington Student Learning Plan which includes attendance at weekly consulting and small classes. This individualized plan includes curriculum that will meet our state and district standards. Consulting teachers are able to provide all of the textbooks and materials needed to implement the student’s learning plan. Assignments are given in each subject area weekly. Parents are encouraged to support and guide the learning at home.

High School credit is available through the full-time consultation model beginning at grade nine. A Northshore High School Diploma can be earned through this program. Running Start, Satellite, and Northshore District WaNic opportunities are also offered through the program.

Academic progress and attendance at the weekly consulting meeting is mandatory and critical. Lack of academic progress and/or weekly attendance will result in removal from the program.